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The average amount of unemployment benefits is 4.3 thousand hryvnias, and the search period is three months, the Employment Center noted.

It is now easier for representatives of working professions to find a job in Ukraine / UNIAN photo

IN State employment center told which specialists currently find work the fastest, and which ones have to look for longer.

About this reported Deputy Director of the Employment Policy Implementation Department of the State Employment Center Olena Melnyk on the air of the telethon.

“Those who own tools and have the skills to manage or repair some kind of vehicle find work the fastest. That is, we are talking about jobs, vacancies for representatives of “blue-collar” workers, that is, working professions,” she said.

Melnyk clarified that citizens who own tools or work in trade or pharmacology can find it faster than representatives of “white-collar workers”.

According to her, the problem with work is that the Employment Service currently has one-third of the vacancies from employers of the pre-war level – 24,000 compared to 70,000.

The average job search is almost three months.

She said that unemployment benefits are calculated individually for everyone, depending on seniority.

“When appointing, we take into account the salary at the last place of work, as well as the insurance experience. Therefore, the amount of assistance varies from a minimum of 1,800 hryvnias to a maximum of 9,750 hryvnias. The average amount of assistance is 4,300 hryvnias,” she said.

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Previously published the results of the research conducted by the expert-analytical center of the personnel portal grc.ua. According to the research, specialists in the field of trade – sellers, cashiers and store administrators, as well as sales managers – were traditionally in demand on the labor market in Ukraine in July.

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