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President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi explained that the state would not agree to any alternatives to joining the European Union. Ukraine does not need such a “compromise between Europe and Russia.”

Zelensky stressed that there can be no alternative to the status of the state as a candidate for EU membership.

The head of state said this at a joint press conference with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa on May 21.

We do not need these compromises. Because, believe me, these will not be compromises with Ukraine in Europe, but a compromise between Europe and Russia. I am absolutely sure of that. It is the political influence and pressure of Russian officials and lobbyists on the decision of one or another European country – to support Ukraine or not, “the president said.

“I want to remind you all all these years, what such compromises between Western countries and Russia have led to,” Zelensky added.

We will remind, on May 9 Macron proposed a new political union, which can host non-EU countries such as Ukraine. The French president proposed “creating what he would call a European political community.”

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